Show uniquely relevant content, right away

Your users won’t scroll through your content for hours. Eliminate the friction for your user, by showing them the right information – in real-time.

Your users will be coming back to your site frequently, staying longer, and will become a fan of your brand

Curate a unique website per visitor

Every pixel on your website matters. Wasting screen real-estate with non-relevant product and content tiles is costing you money. Automatically adjust the whole platform interface, mix and match content specifically for each person.


Delight your users with the right item, right away

Show relevant recommendations within a third of a second. Learn user behavior even in a cache-cleared session, with the help of machine-learning technology. Froomle recommendations are seamless and fit right into the look and feel of your site.


Make search as frictionless as possible​

Help visitors find the desired content within moments. Eliminate the friction by showing them the desired information on your site in real-time. Move from displaying results dependent on past search keywords to results based on users behavior.

emailsBuild emails for the masses but curate to the individual​

Automatically curate email content and push-notifications. Bring product up-sell and cross-sell from the abandoned site to email. Add personalized subject lines to selected-audience trigger emails like ‘content curated for you’

chatbotSet-up a two-way digital dialogue

Move from communication to meaningful conversation with your users. Automatically suggest product and content via chabots, based on personal preferences

notificationsEffectively bring users back to your platform

Deliver personalized messages, even after users leave your platform. Increase retention and return rate by promoting relevant content, by integrating an AI-driven technology to your product.

audienceBuild trust by uniquely serving everyone

People are more likely to buy from a brand that treats them in a personal manner. Get a full picture of your customer and automatically make every interaction relevant in the moment.

Not just a recommender system

Choose Froomle when:

  • Personalization is on the roadmap for years but progress is going slow
  • Off-the-shelf solution isn’t enough for your complex business rules
  • You don’t have the time and money to build a large-scale recommender engine from scratch
  • You need help aligning internal key stakeholders on your personalization strategy
  • You’re not sure how to replicate the success of one CTR uplift
  • You need to go beyond simple KPIs boosts and steer towards complex goals

Close a 5-year roadmap gap and see user retention rise in the first Q

Froomle helps you replicate relevance across complex cases - so that your users become a fan of your brand. 

We make your team's life easier by helping you get an internal buy-in on the roadmap. 

Instantly implement industry-standard relevance

A recommendation technology that made market leaders like Netflix and Spotify customer-centric giants is now available for your website.

Because you don't have time and money to develop the technology every time you want a rich personalization.

Gain strategic knowledge by with rapid experimentation

Inspect which algorithms are running and understand what works for your product. 

Benefit from Froomle's rapid experimentation and machine-learning technology based on numerous academic research.

Companies like yours grew their online revenues

  • telenet
  • mediahuis

Delivering organic relevance for our users - from strategic to operational strategies

"The recommendations of the Froomle engine are receiving (average) more than 4 stars from our Mr. More users, which is very high compared to our other recommendations. Mr. More's conversion is 20 times higher than other digital channels. The recommendations of the Froomle Engine are a very important factor in this success. It is also nice to work together with Froomle, they think at a strategic level and how it translates best at an operational level. They are very involved, take ownership and make every effort to make integrations as smooth as possible."

Femke De Roo - Manager Digital Marketing Platforms & Innovation at Telenet

Impressive and original recommender system

"I was very impressed by Koen's Ph.D. work on personalization and recommendation systems, which demonstrated his ability to identify the key problems and to tackle them head-on. Coming up with original ideas and combining existing approaches in new ways, Koen's research led to novel and effective solutions."

Harald Steck - Senior Research Scientist at Netflix

Froomle helped us build our personalization roadmap - beyond simplified CTR uplifts

Thanks to the Froomle AI we are able to boost the relevance of our customer experience by means of automatic personalization. This not only lifts click-through-rates up to 50% but also more fundamental metrics. Furthermore, the Froomle AI is fast, reliable and able to handle any spike in traffic. It is a pleasure to work together with Froomle. They cooperate on the end-result as a partner, take ownership and they are always quick to act upon our requests."

Pieter De Smet - Business Product Owner at Mediahuis

Accelerating the marketing roadmap

"The speed and flexibility of Froomle is to be able to follow the updates to our marketing strategy."

Jo Braeckman - Group ICT Manager at JBC

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