How to integrate Froomle Recommender System Platform

Froomle is connects to your platform to provide a RecSys solution designed to improve your UX. On this page, you will discover that we make it fast and easy! 

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In this video you will get a detailed overview of the Froomle platform and the steps required to integrate.

You will need only 5 steps to get started

Choose your modules

Each Module comes with default settings that we’ve optimized across our customer base on specific KPI’s and business goals.


Our platform uses two key data sources: your item catalog and online events. We offer a variety of approaches to connect this data.

Preparing Go-Live

Our team will support your chosen integration process as you work towards going live. Meanwhile, you will be able to simulate recommendations using the Froomle Portal.


On your Go-Live date your chosen modules will display recommendations to your audience on your online channels.


We will provide you with access to your dedicated Froomle Portal to monitor results and recommendations throughout the collaboration.

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We offer a dedicated documentation space with all the technical details of our integrations and product. Take a look!

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Customer Success Engineer

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Head of Product

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