How To
Integrate Froomle Personalization Modules

One of our most common questions is how to integrate with Froomle. On this page you will discover that we make it fast and easy!


When gaining experience with recommender systems on an industrial scale, we learned that there is no ‘silver bullet’ and each use case for recommendations has its own specifics.

In this video you will get an overview of the Froomle platform and what you should do to get started.

You will need only 5 steps to get started

Choose your modules

We have created concise and focused Modules to solve typical challenges in your industry. Each Module comes with default settings that we’ve optimized across our customer base on specific KPI’s.


In order to offer you relevant recommendations, we need access to 2 data sources: Item catalogue and online events.

Preparing to Go-Live

After you select your integration approach, we’ll set up the necessary API’s as soon as you need them and you can work towards going live.
You will be able to simulate recommendations using our Recommendation Portal if you wish.


We will provide you with an interactive KPI dashboard to monitor results throughout the process. And we will stay in close contact with you to monitor any feedback you might have or receive on our recommendations and decide on changes together.


At the end the trial period we will deliver an extensive report on the results and any interesting learnings we have identified based on your data. This will help you make the business case to choose for a Subscription plan with Froomle.


We answer your questions

What does it mean to integrate with Froomle?

Froomle is a platform which provides relevant recommendations tailored to your individual clients. To show your clients instantaneous and personalized recommendations, following steps are taken:

1. When a user visits your website or app, a request for recommendations is sent to Froomle.
2. The Froomle platform continuously calculates A.I. based models based on all your user’s browsing history and your item catalog. 
3. Froomle instantly responds with the items your website should show to this visitor. 

Concretely, integrating with Froomle therefore means that you make the necessary front-end or back-end changes which allow you to send us recommendation requests as well as your online events and information about your item catalogue. Have a look at our integration handbook to find out which options we provide to make integrating with us as easy as possible.

What is an Integration Handbook?

The Integration Handbook on our docs page describes the different integration scenarios to exchange events, items and recommendations.

To be able to give you qualitative recommendations in real-time, we need your online/offline events and as much of your item catalog metadata as you can share.

We offer a number of integration options for each of these, which are detailed in the integration Handbook. Discuss and validate the integration options with your Solution Architect at the kick-off meeting.

Item catalog:
Froomle needs the items (products / articles / blogposts / …​) you want us to recommend, including any (meta)data we need to take into account in our recommendations. This can be category, brand, price, discount, stock, publication date, …​ .Different modules require different metadata to function. For details, see the Managing item metadata page and our Examples per industry.

Knowing what your users are doing on your channels is the basic ingredient for our magic to work. We like to know for each user (anonymized, of course) what pages they visit, what recommendations they see & click, and (if you are selling products) what they buy. For the full list of events please refer to Events Concepts. To determine which events to set up and which not, check out our Examples per industry. If you can provide offline purchase data we can also use that.For events within Apps, we suggest consolidating all front-end events in a dedicated back-end before transferring them to Froomle to ease any future changes.

Which modules are best for me?

Based on our extensive experience, we guide you towards the most suitable modules in our catalogue tailored to your needs. While the default settings for each module have been optimized across our customer base, we have learned that each customer is different, so we will work together to get the best out of the modules for your specific challenges.

Can I combine two different modules?

Yes! You can combine as many modules as you wish.

What is the integration timeline?

As soon as we have a clear view on the modules you want to deploy, we'll agree on a target date to start your trial. We will need 2 days to set up the API's from our side and require at least 3 days of web events to collect data and train our modules. Take a look at our documentation page.

How long does the integration progress take?

Depending on your setup the integration approach you select, you'll need a bit more or a bit less integration on your end. You should count 3-10 days of work.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Providing a smooth and problem-free experience for you and your customers is our number 1 priority. Unfortunately, unexpected problems can never be fully excluded. In that case, our team is there to solve the problem as soon as possible.

What's the price?

The price of your plan depends on a few variables, such as traffic, content demands and similar. For a price estimate - contact us. Our team will get back to you asap


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