Creating AI Personalized Experiences

Froomle offers a modular recommendation platform. News and e-commerce companies use our software to create AI-driven personalized experiences across digital channels to improve their online business performance. Making the perfect recommendation has never been so easy!

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Our modules offer recommendations (or insights) that you can incorporate in your user journeys. Froomle has a module for every goal. They’re optimized on their use case (f.e. discovery or related), business goal (f.e. CTR or conversion) and integration type (web, mail or push notifications).

Each module comes with specific parameters, based on your channel and use case.

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Integrate in no time

Discover our effortless integration process in this video by Jonas Boonen, our Head of Product & Customer Success.



Next-level personalization

Tech-driven by nature

We define Personalization as offering the right products/content to each individual user at the right time, position & channel. Froomle uses Personalization to optimize business objectives in multi-stakeholder environments, considering that the user, business, journalist, editor, shop-owner... might have different UX / KPIs.

Decades of Experience

Our researchers often have an academic background but always manage to translate this theory into practice. You can find 5 of our academic papers here.

Industrialized Big Data platform

We serve more than 50 million recommendations every day for customers all around the globe. Whether you’re a small size news publisher or you’re running a large-scale flash sales platform, we apply decades of research directly in production to maximise your business goals.

We care about data

Data is the fuel that keeps your company running. That’s why we maximise our efforts to protect it. We use anonymized first-party identity data to feed our models building personalized experiences. This way we ensure full compliance to the latest laws and regulations on GDPR, third-party cookies, etc.

In-depth Research & Development

We are researchers at heart, and like to join forces with academicians. Froomle is at the forefront of a new technology and we love to share our knowledge. We know that recommender systems are getting better every day, and we commit to being the best!

More than 50% CTR increase, also improving also more fundamental metrics

Thanks to the Froomle AI we are able to boost the relevance of our customer experience by means of automatic personalization. This not only lifts click-through-rates up to 50% but also more fundamental metrics.

Pieter De Smet

Business Product Owner at MEDIAHUIS


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