The key functionalities within the Froomle platform  

By creating the right balance between artificial intelligence & machine learning techniques with the proper technology stack at the core, the Froomle platform does the heavy lifting for you.

Unlimited access to your Froomle recommendation modules

Make as many requests as you want within your licence

Cutting edge product improvements

Our R&D team, being closely connected to academia, is constantly innovating to use the best and most recent machine learning techniques to constantly improve Froomle Platform to be the best in market.

Scalable infrastructure

Our platform makes sure to scale with your traffic, ensuring high-end availability and low latency to provide a great UX for your users.

Extensive module library

Choice between 50+ recommendation module templates using our 10+ recommendation algorithms. Switching modules can be done with ease all starting from the Froomle Portal.

Keep control with editorial configuration

Each module can be configured according to your newsroom business rules: metadata filtering, age limits, blacklisting, boosting, preferences, diversity, access type balancing, and others.

Optimize for a specific goal

You set the goals and business rules, we implement the system, and the AI optimizes recommendations.

Simulation Environment

Simulate the recommendations a selected persona would recieve using the Froomle Portal. Easily change the behavior or persona to see the impact on the recommendations in real time.

Out-of-the-box dashboards

The Froomle Portal provides real-time insights with includes clicks, click-through rates, dwell time, the recommended items that are the most popular and much more.

Ready made connectors

Connect your item catalogue and analytics data through 5+ connectors of your choice.

Easily accessible progress monitoring and documentation

From onboarding to going live, our Developer documentation, integration handbook and Sanbox API have you covered. Monitor your integration activity, errors and data quality via the Froomle Portal.

Access all brands in one place

Ability to add & manage different brands and item catalogues, each with a dedicated development environment if required from the Froomle Portal..

Customer Success Team at your service

We help you meet your milestones by checking in with you and making adjustments where needed. From onboarding to throughout your contract, our team is available during business hours (CET) through web and email.

A/B Testing for the best results

A/B test your chosen Froomle modules vs other Froomle modules throughout your entire collaboration with us. Also capable of testing Froomle vs your own solution or another vendor during your grace period or with paid support.

Dive into the Froomle Recommendation System Platform

The Froomle platform not only provides high quality modules, but we know how important insights, analytics, and simulation opportunities are in order to enable your business to make data-driven decisions. 

Let’s get you started!

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