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How Styria unleashes the power of personalization through content creation

With the success of new social media platforms and the rise of content creation, new questions are being asked by editorial teams. Is it possible for digital newsrooms to adapt to new ways of communication? How can they provide online readers with a similar user experience to TikTok or Instagram? 

Our latest podcast guest is here to provide insights on how Styria Media Group is tackling these questions. Niksa is the Chief Digital Strategist at Styria Media Group AG and together with Thomas Steisel, they explore the challenges in the news industry and how they will impact the digital channels of the future.

You will learn:

> The current state for digital publishers and what to expect in the coming year

> What can newsrooms do to create a similar user experience as social media platforms

> Niksa's view on how the digital publishing product will evolve in the next 5 year

> How to avoid the news fatigue

> How to keep delivering value to readers and show them only relevant content 

About Niksa

With 20 years of experience in the field of digital strategy, product development and leadership across a variety of industries, Niksa Gopcevic is currently bringing his expertise to Styria Media Group as their Chief Digital Strategist. Styria Media Group is one of the leading media groups within the Austrian, Croatian and Slovenian markets, with a diverse portfolio of media brands and digital marketplace companies. 

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