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How Schibsted personalizes news and wins against the filter bubble

Schibsted is an international media house, leading the Scandinavian news media, marketplaces, and technology ventures. They reach over fifteen million readers every day. One of their renowned brands is VG, Aftonbladet, Aftenposten, and SvD, known for their trustworthiness, exceptional journalism, and high editorial independence. Their marketplaces Finn, Blocket, and Tori connect millions of users every month. 

In this episode, Ludwig Krokstedt shares how they implement personalization, approach segmentation, and tackle the filter bubble challenge. Koen and Ludwig dive deeper into the topic of how to succeed giving diverse and relevant articles to the readers.

Some of the topics you’ll learn in this episode are:

> The KPIs journalists use to rank the articles;

 > The concept of the persistent identifiers;

> The balance between freshness and stability; 

> How to deliver diversity and a good mix of news;

> Solutions on how to avoid the filter bubble;

> The future of automation vs manual curation;

> An advice Ludwig would give to his younger self when starting personalizing news.  

About Ludwig

Ludwig Krokstedt is Schibsted’s Head of Media Insights. He is responsible to make sure to provide employees with the right data in the right form so they can do their job. The Media Insights team is guided by three principles: standardization and ensure data quality, deliver the data to the right people, and secure and ensure user privacy. 

Schibsted is a driving force for over 150 years. They own the leading newspapers in Norway (Aftenposten and VG) and in Sweden (Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet). Schibsted connects with millions of daily readers and buyers and develops smart digital services, and helps great companies scale. In combination with automation, they are committed to being responsible with their audience. 

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