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How much should you trust technology?

In this new episode of Value from AI, we spoke with Cecilia Campbell, the Chief Marketing Officer at United Robots, to discuss various topics that combine personalization and news technology. Along with Thomas Steisel, they dive deep into:

> The trustability of technology

> The concept of robotic journalism

> The role of editors within the rise of Chat GPT

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About Cecilia

Cecilia Campbell is a Swedish journalist with over 20 years of experience in the UK and US. For the past 15 years, she has focused on digital transformation in the news publishing industry.

Starting in 2006, Cecilia worked on creating news products for mobile devices and helped develop the eNews Executive Programme at WAN-IFRA, aimed at supporting publishers in transitioning beyond print and computer screens. In 2011, she co-led the WAN-IFRA's eRev group, exploring all aspects of the digital subscription business. In 2018, she authored the report 'Engaged Readers Don't Churn – Retention Lessons for Digital Subscriptions'. As of 2018, Cecilia works with United Robots, a Swedish tech start-up that provides robot-written editorial content for news media. She has helped establish them as the leading provider of automated content for newsrooms worldwide.

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