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How DPG Media implements a roadmap for data-based personalization

Some learnings of this interview are:

> Segmentation before personalization;

> KPI's to measure the success of personalization;

> How to start with personalization;

> How to align marketers, product owners and development teams;

About Medialaan

Since 23 May 2019 Medialaan-Persgroep started being named DPG Media. DPG Media is a leading media group in Flanders that knows how to touch viewers, surfers, readers and listeners with impressive stories, lightning-fast news and sparkling entertainment. The company belongs to DPG Media Group , which is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Maarten Devillé is the Team Leader of the Video Personalization & Insights at DPG Media. He works at the intersection of product, data and technology. After his experience as Data Scientist, he is in charge of improving the user experience.

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