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How Amedia approaches news digitization

Amedia is one of the largest Norwegian publishers, having over 70 subscription newspapers, online newspapers, and other publications. Being active for over hundred years now, Amedia thrived during one of the biggest challenges for the news industry - digitization, maintaining their readership and culture. 

In this episode, Pål shares how they built a strong newspaper label for over a century. How Amedia reinvented themselves while still being at the top. What are the key lessons they’ve learned during the process. 

Pål mentions personalization as one of their strengths, which allows them to reach readers from different age groups, from the youngest to the oldest generations. They discuss how to create, prioritize, and deploy well-defined data products that solve a clear personalization need. 

In this podcast episode you’ll learn:

> Key elements a news company needs to be a successful digital publisher;

> Success factors in getting the younger audience to read your news;

> Type of paywalls to use;

> The importance of personalization when digitizing news;

> How personalization reduces the readership churn rate;

> Editorial control vs. automatic personalization - who should have control?;

> The ONE advice Pål would give any publisher just starting with personalizing their news.

About Pål

Pål Nedregotten is the Executive Vice President of Amedia. He overviews product, editorial, and subscriptions development, including tech and data operations - from identity management or data platforms to subscription acquisition. Pål is in the news industry since 1994, which makes him an expert. He is a visionary in terms of technology, as he was involved in some of the earliest Norwegian online publications. 

Amedia is one of Norway's largest media company. They have more than 70 subscription newspapers, online newspapers, and other publications. Altogether, every day, the group reaches 2.3 million readers daily, covering their social mission in all local communities. 

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