The Boston Globe achieves 12x more articles

By implementing Froomle module on their homepage

The Boston Globe case study

What has been their challenge?

The Boston Globe is the oldest and largest daily newspaper in Boston that started its trial with Froomle, willing to improve user engagement and help readers discove relevant articles easier.


How did we approach this case?

Froomle provides recommendations in one module “Recommended for you” on the home page with tailored editorial constraints. Froomle is conducting an A/B test: personalized recommendations vs most popular articles.


This is the final result

These are some of the results that The Boston Globe achieved during their collaboration with Froomle:

  • Personalization outperforms popularity by x2 in terms of CTR.
  • By using personalization, 12x more different articles are presented to the users and 3.5x more are clicked.
  • CTR per topic is consistently higher for the personalizationgroup.

The Boston Globe Results
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