Increasing engagement while beating competition

Summit Media implements 'Continue Reading'


What has been their challenge?

Summit Media, leading digital lifestyle network in the Philippines came to Froomle with a knock out challenge: compare Froomle to their 2 existing solutions, who also happen to be our competitors, in a single test. The goal? Improve engagement on their brand Esquire in a matter of weeks, looking at metrics such as media time and pages per session.


How did we approach this case?

After a smooth and efficient integration using our API & detailed documentation, the Froomle Continue reading module was added to the bottom of the article page, right after the article tags. To ensure proper user experience, the module was configured to show different formats of articles dependent on the channel. There were 4 rows with 2 cards each for desktop users, and 8 cards one after the other for mobile users.


This is the final result

After only 3 weeks, the results were in and Froomle was able to improve overall engagement metrics in a very impactful way:

> Froomle clearly outperformed the existing solutions for session duration:

  • Exceeded the Esquire average by 7 minutes (76% increase), and the existing solutions by 3 minutes and 5 minutes (39%).

> The number of pages per session is twice as high as the average (62%) and the existing solutions (45%).

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