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Froomle personalization consistently outperformed the baseline in CTR

Graphic popular brand's relative clicks per group

What has been their challenge?

Mediahuis noticed that their emails received less attention on Sunday as they did during the week. This was probably due to fewer editorial staff working at the weekends, which has an impact on some of the tasks they perform.


How did we approach this case?

We developed a fully personalized email newsletter, including subject lines, that was dispatched automatically. To ensure the best solution for Mediahuis, we tested several approaches: · Simply showing the ‘most read, not yet read’ articles from the week as a baseline · The best performing configuration from our recommender system · A new and experimental configuration


This is the final result

After several iterations, it was clear that Froomle personalization consistently outperformed the baseline in CTR by at least 15% for popular brands and 19% for regional brands. Furthermore, hybrid personalization at one regional brand resulted in similar CTR results as pure personalization, while achieving more diversity in the range of clicked articles.

Graphic popular brands' relative clicks per group
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