Increasing La Repubblica CTR by 100% in one year

GEDI's largest newspaper added two modules with amazing results

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What has been their challenge?

As apart of GEDI Group’s larger mission to increase user engagement and conversion across the entire digital offering of the group, Froomle started with their largest newspaper: La Repubblica.


How did we approach this case?

Froomle approached this personalization task by starting with the implementation of two modules placed in two key areas on their website, the Section pages, which are specific to a certain topic, and the article page. With the use of the “Recommended for You” to promote diversity of content & “Recent From” which promotes other similar content, users were guided through their journey with personalized content every step of the way.


This is the final result

Over our first year of collaboration, we had some stellar results:

  • Froomle modules were directly responsible for 2% of all articles views
  • With only two modules Froomle generated 5Mn additional yearly page views
  • increased CTR by 100% in 12 months

With a road map to add more modules and also different digital channels, we are just getting started with La Repubblica!

La Repubblica case study result
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