Improving email performance by 10%

Learn why the first article in an email is so important

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What has been their challenge?

Mediahuis’ email newsletters were manually curated by the newsrooms’ Editor-In-Chiefs. This included the subject lines and the first curated article. However, Mediahuis wondered if the performance of emails could be improved by selecting the right first article.


How did we approach this case?

We tested the results of personalizing email subject lines and first articles to discover if this had an impact on CTR.


This is the final result

When we look at the total number of clicks per position in the email, it is clear that the first article determines the success of the email, with the first article receiving almost three times more clicks than the second. Furthermore, optimizing the subject line and first article increases the CTR by up to 10%.

Graphic average number of different articles recommened to the reader
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