Het Nieuwsblad adds 'Regional News' module

Serving personalized local news via their website to 85% of users

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What has been their challenge?

Nieuwsblad, one of the biggest news brands in Belgium, has been working with Froomle to understand the impact regional news can have on a user and their preferences. Specifically, whether having the regional news module higher on the home page makes a difference.


How did we approach this case?

In order to test this theory, we placed a Regional News Module high up on the homepage (position 11), and applied personalization of a single regional article. The results of these articles are then compared to the results of the regional popularity baseline from Nieuwsblad.


This is the final result

In the end, the results were quite dramatic. Having the module higher on the home page showed an uplift of 100% in CTR when personalizing the first regional article compared to popularity baseline on Nieuwsblad.

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