Personalizing Post Purchase: Secrets to increase Gen Z's loyalty

2020 was the year of digital adoption, with 67% of Gen Z shifting to online shopping. As more Gen Zs came online, brand loyalty wavered not only because of price sensitivity from the pandemic but also in response to overall customer satisfaction with their experience and the company as a whole. Going into 2021 and beyond, earning and maintaining that loyalty will be a challenge, but one phase of the customer journey holds the key: the post-purchase experience.

In this webinar hosted by YMS online event, Froomle is unlocking the secrets to the post-purchase journey. Froomle has a combined total of 20 years of educational & industry experience stemming from work on projects with Netflix, Apple, and other industry titans on innovative personalization techniques.

This first-hand expertise combined with key examples from personalization leaders Sephora and Zalando will unlock key areas of focus and actions to take to increase customer satisfaction and overall loyalty stemming from your post-purchase journey.

In the end, our eCommerce experts answer to some of the public's questions about the challenge of communicating with the youngest generations, which brands are approaching Gen Z in the best way, and why you should care about personalization when building your eCommerce strategy.

Watch the webinar recording, on-demand!

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