[Webinar] Personalization in a world of cookies

Cookies have been a topic discussion for the last few months. With the deadlines for third-party cookie removal fast approaching, anyone whose business relies on digital advertising has been looking for new strategies to reach their customers in a meaningful way. But first-party cookies are here to stay, and they can be even better than the third-party data. 

First party cookies are focused on improving the customer experience and they make personalization more impactful, as they are better at predicting the behavior of your user on your website and they understand better the behavior of your users across different channels. 

In this webinar, our CTO and Co-Founder, Bart Goethals dives into personalization strategies you can start implementing after the third-party data is gone, what are the challenges that companies are facing and how to overcome them. 

Last but not least, he gives you the three steps you need to follow to finally start using personalization in your digital ecommerce or digital newspaper. 

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