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Tips and tricks for Valentine’s Day personalization

How love can attract new customers, increase average customer spends and expand your revenue

Whether you connect Valentine’s Day with romance or commercialism, there’s no denying it’s a significant shopping holiday for many, with average spends on gifts jumping by $60 between 2009 and 2019. With 39% of consumers stating they’re planning to buy their Valentine’s gifts online this year, here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your online shop will benefit.

Key products

It might not be imaginative, but the key Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolates, greeting cards, flowers, restaurant meals, dinner at home, gift cards, soft toys, travel-related, drinks (champagne, wine), clothing, and jewelry. However, there has been an increase in awareness of sustainability, with people frequently looking for more sustainable, eco-friendly, health-conscious, and local versions of these gifts.

Search terms

Google search result show that a variation of “for men” (e.g., “gifts for husband”, “gifts for him”, or “gifts for boyfriend”) are searched on 3.5 times more frequently than variations on “for women”1. Spelling is also important, with almost as many searches for “valentine” and “gifts” as “valantine” and “gifs”.

Campaign dates

While Valentine’s Day searches start right after Christmas, there’s a huge peak in the week before the day itself1, so make sure to plan your campaign accordingly! Figures also show that people search for Valentine related quotes and gifs, so these could be a good way to help your campaign stand out from the crowd.

Gift recipients

The type of people receiving Valentine’s gifts is larger than most online businesses realize. In addition to people buying for their romantic partner, they’re also buying smaller gifts for their co-workers, family members, classmates or teacher, friends, and pets. It’s an ideal opportunity for a wide range of online businesses, including those that don’t specialize in the typical Valentine’s Day key gifts (see the first tip).

Shop type

The pandemic has had an impact on where people plan to buy their Valentine’s gifts this year. In addition to 39% of customers planning to search online, 2022 sees the start of a new trend, with 20% stating they planned to buy from a local or small business.

How can your small business benefit from Valentine’s Day?

While tips and tricks can be useful to attract new customers, a step-by-step approach is vital for generating new revenue. This is what we recommend:

> Establish your online store, for example using Shopify.

> Run promotions on your best-selling products related to Valentine’s Day (see the first tip).

> Personalize the user experience to your buyers through our “recommended for you”, “related products”, “complete your purchase”, or “most popular” modules.

> Add a personalization platform to your Shopify store. Froomle’s app (available in Shopify) will let you add all of the modules mentioned above.

Personalization with Froomle

Discover how Froomle can help the personalization of your shop to increase your revenues for Valentine’s Day and all year round. Book a call with our personalization experts today.

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