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5 Key Trends in E-Commerce Personalization

In the current E-Commerce landscape, personalization has come to be expected to some degree as more people are shifting their behaviors to shop through digital channels. And figuring out how to start the digital journey or where your strategy should go next can be an overwhelming task. 

We will break down 5 of the key trends in E-Commerce to keep top of mind when it comes to personalization in order to put you ahead of your competition when it comes to maximizing the increase in online traffic. 

1. Integrate your online & offline channels

Consumers expect a seamless experience from channel to channel. Ensuring all your data is adequately integrated from offline and online channels will produce even more relevant and personalized content and products for your customers. 

2. Use recommender systems to show relevant promotions

Typically, banner advertisements or promotions are static, the same for every user. Through AI-based personalization, numerous banners can be created and shown to the relevant consumer, becoming more dynamic. 

3. Allow customers to continue shopping where they left off

Allowing customers to continue shopping where they left off, similar to picking up on their favorite TV show, allows for previously viewed items combined with relevant and complementary products to be shown on the homepage for a streamlined experience. 

4. Personalize push notifications, email & community content

Partly due to Covid, there has been an increase in mobile shopping behavior by consumers. Using personalized push notifications, emails, and community content can increase your brand's relevance to that consumer. 

5. Use real-time individualized recommendations

In order to go one step further in your personalization strategy, incorporating AI/machine learning recommender systems will provide relevant and real-time individualized recommendations. 


All of these ideas will no doubt create impact once implemented on your E-commerce channels. However, implementing them all at once can be costly and time consuming. Be sure to look at your own values and customers behaviors to make sure you implement in the most relevant way possible.

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