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[Press Release] Froomle builds Torf's personal assistant

Belgian retail leader creates an innovative shopping assistant to help kids and parents to find the perfect pair of shoes with AI-powered recommender systems

ANTWERP, Belgium and Sint-Niklaas, Belgium (Date 1st March) The Belgian retail leader in shoes, Torfs, collaborates with the AI recommender system platform Froomle to build a web application embedded on the Torfs website for a seamless user experience. 

In order to be a top-class and innovative company, Torfs has launched a big campaign known as Fun Club (RavotClub). This campaign focuses on engaging and activating more kids in their audience. Torfs has partnered with Froomle to create the Fun Club personal assistant, a web application that includes Torfs’ characters Milo and Mila, the brand bees to guide kids in their purchase journey, finding the perfect shoes for them. With innovative elements, such as interactive activities (e.g. doing 10 jumps while browsing), children are brought into the buying journey making the entire experience easier on parents. 

Since February 24th, Froomle’s assistant is live on Torfs’ website and mobile website under all the kid’s areas. Froomle delivered the front-end and the back-end of this app with their partner agency Panenco. Meanwhile, Torfs was in charge of the design, copy, and decision making. The process was smooth, consisting of a first design workshop to see how Torfs wanted it to look like, followed by the design sprint, building and development, and a phase for user testing to gather feedback before the official launch.

Elke Laeremans, COO/CIO Schoenen Torfs commented “At Torfs, our mission is to make people feel strong, enabling them to be themselves and giving them the feeling they can handle the world. To live up to that mission for our youngest clients also, we consciously aim to involve them in the process of choosing their shoes, both offline and online. In our stores children scan their feet in our footscan machines, have to go look for their size with sizing cards and put together a top three of the shoes they like most. Thanks to Froomle we were able to translate that same philosophy to a solution online. Throughout the project collaboration was smooth, resulting in an application which we are proud of.”

Koen Verstrepen, CEO & Co-founder of Froomle adds “We are very happy with this collaboration with Torfs, and strive to extend it soon in other channels and target audiences. It was an exciting challenge that we were able to do from start to finish in only 2 months, which is an ideal timing for an innovative project like this.”

About Torfs

Schoenen Torfs, the well-known shoe retailer in Flanders, is still a 100% family business. The family character safeguards a number of important values within our business. For example, within our company the employees are central. The expertise, commitment, and entrepreneurship of our 600 employees make the difference when approaching customers. After all, we strive for a good relationship with our customers in the long term.

Schoenen Torfs aims at the average family. We offer a wide and fashionable range of women's, men's and children's shoes and an attractive assortment of handbags and accessories.

About Froomle

Froomle's highly-specialized personalization modules allow eCommerce and news companies to improve their users' experience and increase the impact of their services. Froomle personalizes products for all kinds of eCommerce shops, enabling them to increase conversion through rate by improving user’s satisfaction, delighting users based on their behavior, and finding a balance between relevance and recency. Based on its technology, Froomle helps eshops show relevant products at the right moment to the right user. For more information visit Froomle’s website.

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