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Froomle & Licata partner to improve customers' online experience

Website of the leading Italian winery in the Belgian market integrates an AI-based recommendation tool on their website, creating a personalized user experience with the most relevant product recommendations matching users’ interests and preferences.

ANTWERP, Belgium and Diepenbeek, Belgium (9th September) - The ambassador of Italian wines in Belgium, Licata Vini, has started a partnership with the leading provider of self-learning recommendation engines, Froomle, to develop personalized digital services across its website. 

Users of the Licata website can now enjoy personalized product recommendations reflecting their interests and preferences thanks to Froomle’s digital tools. Users will find different individualized recommendations throughout the website, all with the aim of creating an easy and exciting user experience, regardless of the device they use to visit the digital shop.

During the testing phase, Licata tested Froomle against an existing in-house solution for personalization. In comparison, Froomle recommendations were more relevant based on the user history identified through the collaborative filtering technique and therefore receiving more clicks & conversion.  By leveraging Froomle's capabilities Licata is taking their personalization efforts to the next level enabling them to provide the best in class user experience.

Arjen Rutten, ICT & Business Intelligence Manager at Licata Vina, said: We are very happy with the results of the implementation at Froomle. Questions were quickly resolved due to the close contact between Froomle's and our team. Within two weeks of showing personalized Froomle recommendations on our website, we observed an added value as compared to our previous solution. We are looking forward to continuing our personalization journey further together with the Froomle experts.

Koen Verstrepen, CEO of Froomle, commented: We look forward to working with Licata to address better user experience in the Italian and Belgian market. Working with Froomle, Licata will increase their user engagement, CTR, and conversion rate.

About Licata

Licata Vini is a family-owned business that is based in Belgium, but built from a love of Italian wine. Calogero Licata, whose family was originally from Sicily, wanted to bring great Italian wine to Belgium. What started out as a hobby, selling a few bottles, turned into a real wine business. He introduced great Italian wines to not only individual wine lovers but turned Licata Vini into a top supplier to restaurants all over Belgium.

Licata Vini is also oriented towards the future. In 2004, this innovative vision resulted in their first online store. Licata Vini closely follows digital trends in e-commerce to ensure they constantly meet the expectations of the modern customer. Recognizing that personalization is a current must-have for any e-commerce shop,  the collaboration with Froomle allows them to remain competitive.

About Froomle

Froomle's highly-specialized personalization modules allow e-commerce and news companies to improve their users' experience and increase the impact of their services. Froomle personalizes products for all kinds of e-commerce shops, enabling them to increase conversion through rate by improving user’s satisfaction, delighting users based on their behavior, and finding a balance between relevance and recency. Based on its technology, Froomle helps e-shops show relevant products at the right moment to the right user. For more information visit Froomle’s website.

NOTE: Download the Dutch version of the press release here.

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