A/B tests on Deals Page at KIWI

Adding our 'Recommended For You' module

KIWI case study

What has been their challenge?

KIWI has a webpage featuring various sales opportunities, which is typically focused on their cheapest flights or sale flights. They were curious to understand if adding personalization to their recommendations would show better results compared to only showing cheaper options.


How did we approach this case?

In order to show accurate and relevant recommendations in our Recommended for You module, our recommender system took into account a few important factors:

  • Where the user wants to travel from
  • What that person has searched before
  • What tickets were previously bought by the user

This is the final result

The results of the Recommended for You module compared to the cheapest options showed a 3.2% uplift in CTR and a 2% uplift in conversion. These positive results show the potential impact personalized recommendations can have for the travel industry.

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