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How can a conversion module increase subscriptions

In this blogpost we will explain how your personalization engine can directly influence its impact on your subscriber numbers. There are different ways to do that but today the focus will be on one specific case: a conversion module for newspapers with a freemium model.

But first, what is a conversion module? 

A conversion module is a box on your webpage or your app that takes into account at least 3 factors, and then offers content recommendations accordingly:

> First, the module takes into account the status of your reader as a paying or non-paying reader, in this case, whether or not you are a subscriber. So the next step will be easier for the algorithm to recommend or not the article. 

> Secondly, it takes into account your level of engagement, by classifying you as a specific kind of user: fly-by, a light user, a heavy user or a very heavy user. This is very important in terms of KPI’s, as engagement normally is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. 

The module will offer more free content at the beginning of the readers' journey, taking into account the previous two factors.  This will get them to engage continuously with content, and show paid content later in the journey, where the propensity to subscribe is higher.

> Finally, the module will take into account the personal interests of your reader when showing different content throughout their journey.

A subscriber conversion module can save your engagement.

To summarize, what should a module that is tailored for subscriber conversion for news companies look like? It should take into account 3 factors:

1. The status of the reader as a subscriber or a non subscriber.

2. The engagement level of the reader.

3. The personal interests of the reader.

This conversion module gives a completely new vision of what a recommender system can be.

It goes beyond just recommending interesting articles, but also increases subscriptions to your newspaper.

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