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Optimize your content distribution while remaining in control

  • Select content optimized for keeping the reader engaged, from a shortlist of curated articles
  • A module proposing relevant content previously curated by the editorial team. In this case, the module will apply its personalization not to the entire catalogue, but select from a shortlist defined by editors. 
  • Can be used either as an additional box or replacing a ‘headlines’ box on the existing website.


Your newsroom writes great articles but can't keep up with distributing the content to the right audience in a personalized manner. You know machine learning can help but you want to stay in control of the articles on your key impact positions.


Use state of the art machine learning techniques to show users the articles they are most likely to continue reading, from a list of curated articles. This module shows unique recommendations for each user and learns what to recommend based on it's page and position.


  • Increase CTR with up to 30% compared to popularity recommendations
  • Increase session length & user loyalty
  • Stay in control of the content being shown


Perfect for

  • To achieve additional benefits, use our Conversion oriented and Article page engagement modules.
  • Large Newsrooms having a combination of free and paid content that want to increase revenue from subscriptions benefit most.

How it works?

Best practices show to get a higher impact on engagement, you need to place this personalized module on high traffic locations like high up on your homepage. Here are some tips:

  • Integrate the same module in daily emails targeting unsubscribed users to reap more benefits.
  • Make sure the box is visible, and readers can easily view the headline and article abstract.
  • Less is more. Show 3 articles rather than 10 to avoid choice overwhelm.

Mix and match with

Product recommendations

A module proposing products from connected eCommerce platforms according to the user’s interests and behavior.

After Video

A module containing personalized & related video recommendations at the end of a video (content & collaborative based).

Topic Gap Detection

A set of tools allowing newsrooms or marketing teams to identify gaps in their content: Write less or more on a certain Topic, Trend being missed by the newsroom and should be added, Suggestions to deprecate Topics

Best From Premium

A module containing highly relevant premium content from your platform, to drive conversions and engagement.


Get started

To get started you can use the data that you already have, such as:

  • User identifiers and online events, such as page views, impressions, clicks, and subscriptions. The more readers for which identifiers (log in or cookie) are known, the better.
  • Your article feed including labels on paying articles and as much metadata as possible to enable us to identify the features that impact conversion, such as title, abstract, text, length, and similar.

You can pass us the shortlist of articles either in your article feed (using a tag), using business rules or by using the Froomle webtool.

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