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Personalize Product Discovery for your customers, enabling an individually relevant browsing experience

  • Recreate the brick and mortar experience by recreating the sensation of a guided visit, impulse buying, product discovery, and engagement through the online store setup.


Without a guided and relevant visit, browsing can quickly become overwhelming and feeling impersonal, resulting in online shoppers losing interest quickly and closing their sessions without a purchase.


Froomle offers a number of Product Discovery focused modules that all share the same goal of increased conversion and Average Order Value. They can be adapted depending on the specific use case and goals of your business.

  1. Similar items

Product recommendations related to the product the visitor is browsing offering alternatives in the same category.

This kind of recommendation promotes:

  • Quick access to alternatives
  • Increasing CTR & conversion
  1. Discover for you

Recommendations related to the current product. Also considers previously viewed products and configurable settings such as incorporating other categories.

This type of recommendation promotes:

  • Increased browsing time
  • Product discovery to decrease bouncing

  1. Complete your purchase

Product recommendations that are complementary to the chosen product.

This module takes into account individual behavior but also:

  • Based on items frequently bought together with that product
  • Optimized to avoid cannibalization


  • Create a personal and relevant online shopping experience
  • Fully automate and optimize the product recommendations to enable product discovery  
  • Increases your most important KPIs


Perfect for

How it works?

1. Visitors will be shown diverse recommendations on key areas of your webshop which could be as early as the homepage.

2. By clicking one of the recommendations, our algorithm (based on ALL user behavior) will show a set of products to the one chosen, based on the selected module:

  • "Similar" Products removes the stopping factors of not choosing the right item by offering alternatives
  • "Discovery" Products offers new products which are novel yet still in the general area of interest to the user
  • "Complete the Purchase" Products offer complimentary products which are novel yet still in the general area of interest to the user

3. With each item clicked, the Froomle algorithm will adapt the recommendations throughout the journey.

Mix and match with

Influencer Boosted "Complete the Purchase"

Create a personalised module focusing on complimentary items to the product being promoted, however also keeping in mind the audience of that specific influencer when making the recommendations.

Basket Pop Up Personalization

Use the intent to purchase a product as an opportunity to capture the attention of your customer.

High Impact Category Ordering

Personalize high traffic category pages for improved customer experience.

Loyalty Program Recommender

Loyalty Program Recommender Module. With numerous loyalty programs on the market, ensuring your program is top of mind with your consumers is key to customer retention and repeat purchasing.


Get started

To get started, Froomle will require the following data:  

  • Online events (page views, impressions, clicks, and purchases)
  • Your product catalogue including all metadata and stock data you can share

This data combined with a few lines of code will have your module up and running!

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