Complete Your Purchase

Average Order Value

A module containing personalized items that complement the existing product being viewed (could also be named “Complete the room” for home goods or “complete the routine” for cosmetics). Contains products that are often bought together & complement your cart.


When a customer is looking at an individual product, to increase the average order value, you want to recommend other items that would compliment that product while also not cannibalizing or averting their attention.


Using a Complete the Look Module, recommendations can show a bundled outfit to compliment the existing product and create a full outfit for the customer.

  • This makes the customer journey easier while also promoting product discovery.
  • This can be fully automated using our AI, or it can be supported by EPS10 (saved outfits can be uploaded directly to the appropriate product pages).


  • Higher Customer return & conversion rate after purchase through the ease of experience.
  • Become top of mind of your customers when they're shopping online, not only for a gift but for themselves as well.


Combining a Personalized Search Results Ordering Widget POC with other Froomle e-commerce Smart Widgets across your webshop is easy, as personalized product recommendations requires exchanging online events anyway.

Perfect for

Any webshop at scale implementing a personalization strategy and focusing on converting customers can use the Personalized Search Results Ordering Widget to improve customer experience and conversion all while delighting their customers.

How it works?

The Personalized Search Results Ordering Widget helps create an easy shopping experience for customers, helping to convert them to your customer instead of your competitor by showing them the most relevant product ordering from their search inquiry.

Mix and match with

Recommended For You

A module containing personalized recommendations for every visitor. Configurable settings like diversity, rewatchability & handpicking are included.

Content To Product

Multiply the leads from content marketing pages to product pages, by having the Froomle AI automatically choose the best converting products for each content page. For this module, a design workshop and agreed delivery timeline are applicable.

Push Notifications Personalization

Select the right audience for a specific campaign to increase the profit margin and response, based on user buying behavior. Campaigns can be sent via any outbound platform you are using (SMS, email, push, paper mail). For this module, a design workshop and agreed delivery timeline are applicable.

Because You Viewed

A module showing different products viewed recently by the user, and related products to each viewed product.


Get started

To get started, Froomle will require the following data:

  • Online events (page views, impressions, clicks and purchases)
  • Your product catalogue including all metadata and stock data you can share

This data combined with a few lines of code will have your module up and running!

We'll work with you to define the user flow based in your use case. You can create your own interface or use a standard branded interface set up by Froomle.

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