What is modern data engineering?

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Froomle’s solution to the shared account challenge

Several AI personalization engines cannot distinguish between multiple users within a single profile. Why? Recommendations are based on a consumer’s viewing and buying history; once multiple users use a single profile, the reference pool is muddied with influences outside of the original user’s interests. THE CHALLENGE DEVELOP AN AI PERSONALISATION ENGINE THAT RECOGNISES MULTIPLE USERS […]

How Google’s Product Recommendations work

I am always very curious about how the big internet companies use AI: which choices do they make, what do they struggle with, which results do they obtain etc. Aren’t you? Recently, I got excited when a colleague shared a scientific publication from Google’s Scientists (details at the bottom), describing how they do product recommendation […]

Challenges online news platforms face with personalization at scale

For a digital news platform, it’s very important to delight your readers with the right content selection and to provide a seamless shift from one article to another. So seamless, that your readers won’t even notice they spent hours flipping your news articles. As good as that sounds, the news industry has particular challenges that […]