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Increase subscriptions

Increase revenue from subscriptions and turn your newsroom into a subscription machine

  • Show non-paying readers premium articles that will convince them to subscribe.


Advertisement revenues are decreasing. Free news is everywhere, even if of poor quality. Your newsroom writes great premium articles, but you don't succeed in getting readers to become paying subscribers. Your page is designed to optimize efficiency and news value but not to generate subscriptions.


Use state of the art machine learning techniques to learn which premium articles are generating the most subscriptions, based on article features and current online behavior. These articles are likely to push your readers over the paywall to subscribe.

Automatically filter the most relevant ones and show high-converting premium articles to readers that are likely to subscribe.


  • More subscriptions brought through this personalized module (Attribution)
  • Higher subscription rate of non-paying readers (Conversion)


Perfect for

  • To achieve additional benefits, use our Reader Propensity to Subscribe and Reader Loyalty Engine modules.
  • Large Newsrooms having a combination of free and paid content that want to increase revenue from subscriptions.

How it works?

Best practices show to get a higher impact on conversion rate, you need to place this personalized module on high traffic locations like high up on your homepage. Here are some tips:

  • Integrate the same module in daily emails targeting unsubscribed users to reap more benefits;
  • Make sure the box is visible, and readers can easily view the headline and article abstract.
  • Less is more. Show 3 articles rather than 10 to avoid choice overwhelm.

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Get started

To get started you can use the data that you already have, such as:

  • User identifiers and online events, such as page views, impressions, clicks, and subscriptions. The more readers for which identifiers (log in or cookie) are known, the better.
  • Your article feed including labels on paying articles and as much metadata as possible to enable us to identify the features that impact conversion, such as title, abstract, text, length, and similar.
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