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Delight users with news from their neighbourhood

  • Show interested readers news that are close to their home, workplace or where their loved ones live.


Although your readers usually want to be aware of what's happening in their country or in the world, they are usually very keen to know what's happening close to their home, workplace or where their loved ones live.

Do you have region-specific news but struggle to deliver it to the right visitors on your website?

Do you avoid including regional news in your emails or pushes?


Our Relevant Regional News module will show your readers articles from regions they've been reading in the past or marked as their interests. We can diversify diversify the articles shown and put more or less focus on nice regions, depending on your preference.


  • More engaged users who come back more often, are more likely to subscribe and less likely to churn


Perfect for

  • For optimal results, it is best used with our Reader Loyalty Engine. Add Your Headlines Module to also show personalized headlines of interest.
  • Every newsroom with a regional presence and a proximity strategy.

How it works?

Best practices show to get a higher impact, you need to place this personalized module on high traffic locations like the top of your homepage. Here are some ideas:

  • Integrate it in emails targeting less engaged readers to reap more benefits and draw readers back to your site.
  • Make sure to include the region name in the recommendation box so users can relate.

Mix and match with

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Relevant Regional News

Delight users with news from their neighborhood.

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Get started

To get started, share the data that you already have, such as:

  • User identifiers and online events, such as page views, impressions, clicks, and subscriptions. The more readers for which identifiers (log in or cookie) are known, the better.
  • You can optionally include users' regional preferences.
  • Your article feed including labels with the Regions of articles.

During the trial phase, Froomle can (A/B) test the module, comparing it with your current Region box(es) to prove the increased engagement.

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