Reader Retention Machine

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Decrease churn rate

Stop losing subscribers because of a drop in engagement

  • Act as soon as readers are losing attention with highly-engaging, personalized articles.
  • Show subscribers premium articles to keep them on the right side of the paywall.
  • Be on top of your retention game and act when you're not on top of readers' minds anymore.


Sometimes you lose engaged users simply because they lose their attention or pick another news brand to read the content they want.

Even if you would have the ability to detect that this is happening, you have to carefully execute the actions to win back these users: be extremely relevant, reach out at the right time, and make sure not to come across as pushy or desperate.


Automatically show the most relevant high-converting premium articles to readers that are likely to churn. These articles are likely to keep your readers on the paywall side.

The Reader Retention Machine module combines Froomle's machine learning capabilities in personalization and will help you:

  • Show engaging premium articles based on article features and your user's reading history.
  • Select the most relevant content for them to re-engage.
  • Select the best time and channel to reach out to readers.


  • Higher reader retention rate through highly-specialized article personalization
  • Lower churn rate of subscribed readers


Perfect for

  • For optimal results, it is best used with our Reader Propensity to Churn and Loyalty Personalized Modules.
  • Make sure you also guide the user to articles or landing pages with additional personalized and engaging content with other Froomle modules.
  • Large Newsrooms having a combination of free and paid content that want to decrease their churn rates.

How it works?

Our algorithms identify users that are likely to churn. Combined with our recommendation modules we determine the best premium articles for engaging any user at any given time via their channel of choice.

  • You can use any channel(s) you like to use the Retention Machine Module: web, e-mail, push messages, sms or even good old mail.

Mix and match with

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Get started

To get started, we'll need some of the data you already have such as:

  • User identifiers and online events, such as page views, impressions, clicks, and subscriptions. The more readers for which identifiers (log in or cookie) are known, the better.
  • Your article feed including labels on paying articles and as much metadata as possible to enable us to identify the features that impact conversion, such as title, abstract, text, length, and similar.
  • As subscription data is usually sparse, reach faster results by also providing us historic user & article data.
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