Reader Propensity to Subscribe

Increase subscriptions

Learn which non-paying readers you should be focusing on right now

  • Flag readers that are likely to subscribe with high-engagement scores.
  • Get a custom audience report based on reading behavior.
  • Bring clarity on which potential subscribers you should focus on.

So that you can show non-paying users the premium articles that will most likely convince them to subscribe.


Not knowing your audience and their propensity to subscribe will likely hurt your subscriptions. Some of your non-paying readers are frequently engaging with your articles. But, they need a nudge to convert into paying subscribers. This audience needs different and specialized article recommendations.


Use our Reader Propensity To Subscribe module to score readers on their likelihood to pay for a subscription. Froomle uses past behaviour and engagement patterns to classify your users into audiences with different engagement levels.

By having clarity on this audience you can create specific marketing campaigns focused on conversion, and show each user the most relevant premium articles for him/her on your website.


  • Better insights in your users
  • Improved marketing effectiveness


Perfect for

  • Insights in user propensity is a first step. Combine these insights with Froomle's News Subscription Module, Loyalty Module or our Audience Selection solutions for optimised results.
  • Large Newsrooms having a combination of free and paid content that want to increase revenue from subscriptions.

How it works?

Our algorithms identify users that are likely to churn. Combined with our recommendation modules we determine the best premium articles for engaging any user at any given time via their channel of choice.

  • Use our reporting tools or integrate the insights into your own CMS.

Mix and match with

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Reader Retention Machine

Stop losing subscribers because of a drop in engagement.

News Subscription Machine

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Get started

To get started, we'll need some of the data you already have such as:

  • User identifiers and online events, such as page views, impressions, clicks, and subscriptions. The more readers for which identifiers (log in or cookie) are known, the better.
  • Your article feed including labels on paying articles and as much metadata as possible to enable us to identify the features that impact conversion, such as title, abstract, text, length, and similar.
  • As subscription data is usually sparse, reach faster results by also providing us historic user & article data.
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