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Show each reader personalized articles for the topic(s) pre-selected by your editors

  • This module allows your newsroom to control the headline topics while giving each reader a unique experience by personalizing the order of the articles.


The benefits of personalization in terms of user engagement and subscription generation have been proven. Filter bubbles can be controlled by applying curation and diversification. Yet, many media companies are hesitant to give away control of their home pages to machine learning algorithms.


The Featured Topic module allows your newsroom to decide on the topics they want to feature, and which articles have to be shown. The order of the articles shown will be personalized for each individual user to optimise click-through rate, engagement, loyalty or any other KPI.

Froomle uses state of the art machine learning techniques to determine the best article recommendations for each user at any time while allowing for defining what you want every user to see (e.g. recent articles / featured articles).


  • More engaged reader who come back more often, are more likely to subscribe and less likely to churn


Perfect for

  • For optimal results, it is best used with our Reader Loyalty Engine, Relevant Regional News, and more.
  • Newsrooms that want to offer premium reading content to their readers while optimizing for reader engagement on featured topics.

How it works?

Best practices show to get a higher impact, you need to place this personalized module works great high on your homepage. It can also be used to populate dedicated Topic pages.

Here are some tips:

  • The module works best with columns per Topic that contain a limited number of articles in rows.
  • Use a title like "Selected reads on <topic name=""> for you".</topic>

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Get started

To get started, share the data that you already have, such as:

  • User identifiers and online events, such as page views, impressions, clicks, and subscriptions. The more readers for which identifiers (log in or cookie) are known, the better.
  • Your article feed including labels with the Topics of articles (Froomle can support with Topic Recognition) and includes featured flags if applicable.

During the trial phase, Froomle can A/B test the module to compare the performance with your current Topic boxes.

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