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Provide a more engaging shopping experience with a personalized search engine

  • Prevent your customers from bouncing by ranking results not only by search relevance but personal relevance as well, converting more visitors into customers!


When browsing a website, an underwhelming search bar leading to irrelevant search results increases the chance of a customer bouncing. This chance increases even more when thousands of products are displayed.


The Personalized Search Module incorporates a variety of advanced functionalities that create a memorable and easy customer journey, while helping to reach your internal KPIs. Some example of this functionality include:

This module also includes a personalized ranking of the products on the search results page, keeping the personalized experience consistent.


  • Embedding personalization within search makes the session more relevant
  • Higher CTR & Conversion Rate through the ease of experience


Search Bar Functionalities

  • Configurable typo-tolerance
  • Live product catalogue filtering
  • Possibility for boosting Products & Brands
  • Correction of incorrect queries (mapping)

Technical Performance

  • Flexible Analytics Dashboard
  • AB testing of the Recommendations
  • Self-learning based on user behaviour
  • Auto-completion API response in under 10ms

Perfect for

How it works?

Recommendations are created using a combination of different advanced techniques such as:

  • user similarity
  • advanced typo-tolerance
  • live catalogue filtering
  • NLP for predictability

For example: a user searching for "star wars" with small children in mind will be looking for something different than a young adult

Mix and match with

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Get started

To get started, Froomle will require the following data:  

  • Online events (page views, impressions, clicks and purchases)
  • Your product catalogue including all metadata and stock data you can share

This data combined with a few lines of code will have your module up and running!

We'll work with you to define the user flow based in your use case. You can create your own interface or use a standard branded interface set up by Froomle.

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