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Create a personalized unboxing experience for your loyal customers

  • Capitalize on the excitement of receiving a package by incorporating a personalized landing page link onto the package of flyer.


After purchasing a new product, customers will often pay less attention to your shop. However, when the need to shop for something new comes up, remaining top of mind against your competitors is essential.


By creating a unique QR code to lead the customer to their unique landing page, Froomle's Personalized Parcel will predict a future shopping need based on the previous purchase history and showing recommendations to match that need.


  • A uniquely personal unboxing experience
  • Individualized product recommendation resulting in a higher rate of returning customers


Perfect for

How it works?

  1. A personalized QR code & message is printed onto a flyer or box to be shipped with the package
  2. The message encourages your customer to scan the code for individual recommendations or future discount
  3. The landing page populates recommendations based on the purchasing history of ALL users, to predict a future purchase for that individual

Example of a Personalized Post Purchase Journey

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Personalized Parcel

Create a personalized unboxing experience for your loyal customers.

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Get started

From the data you have available, Froomle needs access to:  

  • Online events (page views, impressions, clicks and purchases)
  • Product catalogue including all metadata and stock data you can share

Options for the Landing Page:

  • A standard branded page created by Froomle that populates the recommendations
  • You create the landing page with the Froomle recommendations embedded

Printing the unique QR Code can be done by you or by our partner Beemit.

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