Loyalty Program Recommender

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With numerous loyalty programs on the market, ensuring your program is top of mind with your consumers is key to customer retention and repeat purchasing.


Keeping your loyalty program fresh and relevant to your customers while also defining a clear differentiator from your competitors can be difficult task to accomplish without the proper resources.


The Loyalty Program Recommender Module takes into account your customers purchasing history and previous redemptions to recommend the most relevant redemption option on an individual level.  

This can be in the form of a product redemption carousel, a pop up with a specific discount code or products that earn extra points. From apparel to grocery, this module can easily fit into industry and type of loyalty program.

Place the module at any point in the customer journey (home page, email or push notifications)


  • Adapt reward recommendations in real time specific to the individual
  • Combine online & offline data for a comprehensive view of your customer behavior
  • Retain existing customers by increasing overall satisfaction with loyaly program


Perfect for

  • Companies looking to revamp their reward redemption offering
  • Teams with minimal resources to spend personalizing offers
  • Teams with minimal knowledge in how to personalize effectively

How it works?

Using first party cookies, recommendations for loyalty redemptions are presented  based off the individual's behavior.

Froomle specializes in using Al to show the most relevant items to that specific user using algorithms trained off the data of all your customers in order to predict the right products to show.

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Loyalty Program Recommender

Loyalty Program Recommender Module. With numerous loyalty programs on the market, ensuring your program is top of mind with your consumers is key to customer retention and repeat purchasing.

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Get started

To get started, Froomle will require the following data:  

  • Online events (page views, impressions, clicks and purchases)
  • Your reward catalogue including all metadata and stock data you can share
  • Discount codes or banner photos relating to redemption (optional)

The pop up interface can be created by your team with Froomle recommendations embedded or use a standard branded pop up with recommendations set up by Froomle.

This data combined with a few lines of code will have your module up and running!

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