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Average  Order Value on many influencer campaigns is either too low or non existent because the data on the audience is not being optimised to make the most of their visit to your shop.


The Froomle Influencer Boosted "Complete the Purchase" modules take into account which Influencer brought the user to the product page and will show a bundle of items that are most relevant to that audience.

Even though the product being promoted by the influencers is the same, the additional product recommendations will be different  to show the best product  combination for that specific audience to help increase average order value.

On your web shop the name of the module can be changed to your specific industry, for example "Complete the Look" as shown above.

BONUS: As an add on, Froomle can provide a dashboard of attributed revenue to influencers linked directly to their unique URL.


  • Adapt product recommendations in real time specific to the audience
  • Capitalise on the data from the entire audience to show the most relevant combination of products


Perfect for

  • Teams that want to save time through automation
  • Teams that want to maximize data usage/make data informed decisions
  • Optimising traffic from influencer campaigns using known and learned data about the audience
  • Influencer campaigns that lead users to your website

How it works?

  1. Create a influencer_id & campaign_id to embed into a specific URL for each influencer to use in their content promotion.
  2. A visitor clicks onto your landing page through that link and will see  recommendations for complimentary items based on the history of other members of that audience. If they are a return visitor to your webshop, their previous history will also be incorporated.
  3. The AI will learn from the first view visitors what other complimentary items are being purchased while constantly improving the recommendations with the increase in traffic  from the influencer URL.
  4. If you use the same influencer repeatedly, using the same influencer_id within campaigns will allow for AI to use historical data of that audience in the recommendations from the start.

Mix and match with

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