Email Correspondence Personalization

Increased loyalty
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Utilize your email communication throughout the entire customer journey to create a lasting impact


Email communication with current or potential customers typically has one goal: Relay a message related to a specific part of a customer journey to re-engage them.

Most emails will be opened; however there is minimal conversion and are quickly deleted. Ensuring these emails have added value worthy of re-engagement can be time consuming and difficult to do on an individual level.


Froomle offers different modules depending on the email communication that create maximum impact and ultimately increase conversion and loyalty.

  1. Abandoned cart

Primarily used to re-engage customers who bounced from the website mid journey and typically focus on the abandoned products.

Use the known data of what they clicked in two ways:

  • Alternatives products: addressing a potential module from purchasing that item.
  • Complimentary products: promote product discovery if the other items did not fit a need.

  1. Rewards & loyalty

Consumers love the opportunity to earn points or rewards for their loyalty to a brand.

The redemption options for their loyalty needs to be relevant to your consumer to keep your brand top of mind.

Using data from their profile, previous purchases and redemptions to create emails that show personalized:

  • Products
  • Coupons
  • Promotions

  1. After purchase

Email communication post purchase are shown to be opened almost 100% of the time. This includes:

  • Confirmation
  • Shipped
  • Tracking
  • Leave a Review

Including relevant recommendations and personalized messaging based on the purchase (complimentary or similar) capitalizes on the high open rate to re-engage in an individual.


  • Increase re-engagement using existing email channels
  • Automates adding recommendations to emails
  • Personalize products on an individual level


Perfect for

  • Teams lacking in time to create recommendations
  • Strategies that incorporate multiple email touch points
  • Teams looking to automate email recommendations

How it works?

Froomle specializes in using Al to show the most relevant items to each individual user using algorithms trained off the data of all your customers.

Using first party cookies, personalizing recommendations within emails can be easily adapted to the specific purpose of that email.

Mix and match with

Influencer Boosted "Complete the Purchase"

Create a personalised module focusing on complimentary items to the product being promoted, however also keeping in mind the audience of that specific influencer when making the recommendations.

High Impact Category Ordering

Personalize high traffic category pages for improved customer experience.


Replenishment Module. Help keep your customers satisfied by quickly allowing them to replenish their favorite items and predict new needs

Checkout Cross-sell

A module containing typical 'add-ons' to the currently bought product. Optimized not to distract the user with alternatives.


Get started

To get started, Froomle will require the following data:  

  • Online events (page views, impressions, clicks and purchases)
  • Your product catalogue including all metadata and stock data you can share

Using this data we can provide you with product recommendations, that you can incorporate within your e-mail tool templates.

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