The ultimate performance-based
recommender system

Eliminate the friction for your user, by showing them the right information – in real-time. Your users will be coming back to your site frequently, staying longer, and will become a fan of your brand

Real-time recommendations

Froomle recommendations are seamless and fit right into the look and feel of your site.

Relevant emails

Bring product up-sell and cross-sell from the abandoned site to email. Add personalized subject lines to selected-audiences.

Personalized search

Move from displaying results dependent on past search keywords to results based on users behavior.

Interactive bot

Automatically suggest product and content via chabots, based on personal preferences

Push notifications

Increase retention by delivering personalized messages. Even after users leave your platform.

Audience selection

Get a full picture of your customer and automatically make every interaction relevant in the moment.

The first AI-based personalization that
guarantees results

Are you sure you're running the best personalization possible?
Our Result Guarantee makes sure you to have the best personalization for your business case.

Stop second guessing whether you have the best solution - prove it

Gain strategic knowledge with rapid experimentation

Show relevant recommendations within a third of a second

Get an internal buy-in on your personalization roadmap

Have full control over your roadmap

Ongoing research behid the machine learning technology

Automatically curate email content and push-notifications.

Build trust by uniquely serving everyone with Audience Selection

Increase return rate by promoting relevant push notifications

Move from communication to meaningful conversation with chatbots

Create repeatable results that bring you even more revenue

Increase return rate by promoting relevant push notifications

Use Froomle's product features and components for ultimate flexibility

Bring performance evidence on the table with the Result Guarantee

yes, I want guaranteed results
Impressive recommender system

I was very impressed by Koen's Ph.D. work on personalization and recommendation systems, which demonstrated his ability to identify the key problems and to tackle them head-on. Coming up with original ideas and combining existing approaches in new ways, Koen's research led to novel and effective solutions.


Discover the machine-learning research behind our technology

Take a scientific approach

In our lab-like environment – we are a team of skilled people. Professors, Ph.D.’s and data scientists working hard to deliver the most advanced technology to our clients.

We’ve published numerous research papers about this and we’re still working on improving the engine.

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