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Why is your news personalization underperforming?

Our News Personalization Strategists, Thomas Steisel and Anton Smet, go through the reasons why is personalizing news more difficult to implement than other industries.

Learn about the specific challenges

News personalization is on the roadmap, but progress is going slow? That’s because the news industry is harder than personalized platforms like Netflix.

Get advice from news leaders

Watch interviews with news  leaders from Amedia, Schibsted, Ring Publishing, and Zalando on personalization to get actionable advice.

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Learn how to increase your subscriptions boost reader loyalty, deliver better news reading experience and build relevance at scale.


Why is personalizing news more difficult than other industries?

In the next 5 episodes series, you will learn from our News Personalization Strategist, Thomas Steisel, the challenges of news personalization.

Thomas will introduce the five main reasons why we consider the news industry more difficult than others like music or entertainment. These videos will provide you some basic knowledge about news personalization and the security of why recommender systems are perfect for your subscription model.


Welcome to the first part of this News Personalization Series. In this first part of the series, our Account Manager, Thomas Steisel will dive into the five main reasons why personalizing news is so challenging.


Episode 1. Model changing events: The concept of trendingness

Model changing events are unpredictable news that has a direct and violent impact on your interest in a certain topic. Even though you might not be interested in that topic, the news will grab your attention. In this first episode, Thomas Steisel introduces you to the concept of "trendingness", a feature that predicts these changing events.

Episode 2. Short shelf life: The challenge of real-time news recommendation

The way users consume movies is completely different from the way they consume news. News needs to provide relevant content in less time and less digital space. Learn how to face the challenge of real-time news recommendations.

Episode 3. How to win against the filter bubble when personalizing news

The filter bubbles are known in the news industry for isolating the readers’ opinions. What happens is that the algorithm only shows the reader the same kind of article based on their behavior and therefore, reinforces their own opinion. To solve this problem, you need to feed balanced pro and counter-opinion topics. In this video, we will explain what a filter bubble is and how to overcome it.

Episode 4. Human & AI: The concept of hybrid personalization

The combination of the Editor-In-Chief efforts and AI support is possible when implementing a hybrid personalization in your newsroom. But first, you should first put into consideration other aspects that Thomas mentions in the following video.

Episode 5. Impression discounting: Stop showing the same article over and over again

The way a reader gives us feedback about the articles he likes, it’s not comparable to a movie, which they can rate. A "like" is a clear proof of satisfaction in the entertainment industry. In this video, we introduce you to the term “impression discounting”, and how we use it to give “implicit feedback” when personalizing news.

Blog post. What do your newsroom and Netflix have in common

News is harder than Netflix

News personalization is on the roadmap, but progress is going slow? That’s because the news industry is harder than personalizing platforms like Netflix.
I get it. You’ve evaluated so many personalization solutions. You’ve chosen and installed the one that promised 30% CTR increased and 2-minute integration time. You’ve set it up to your CMS.
Or perhaps - You’ve hired a team of data scientists to develop your personalization in-house... for the last few years.
You’ve ticked all the boxes on the ‘personalization roadmap’, yet somehow you’re still struggling to show the most relevant article to the right reader - like a total beginner.
Your loyal subscriber-base isn’t increasing.
The reason why your personalization has low impact is because it wasn’t designed for publishers.
You’ve probably selected a great solution for e-commerce, but not one that’s designed to solve publishers’ complex problems.
Here are some specific challenges that news brands are facing when personalizing news.

News catalog is changing rapidly
While Netflix has days, weeks, months, or sometimes years to learn user behaviour - you have only seconds. News is instant and most articles become irrelevant in a few hours. You need to be able to correctly recommend articles within minutes after publication.

The blogpost continues here.


Why is your news personalization not working?

Anton Smet, Personalization Strategist at Froomle, explains you the best way to help you increase subscriptions and start implementing a recommender system in your digital newspaper.

Episode 6. How can a conversion module increase subscriptions

In this new video, Anton Smet, identifies three factors you should consider when building your personalization strategy. By implementing a conversion module, you will gain a new idea of what a recommender system can do. It goes beyond just recommending interesting articles but also increases subscriptions to your newspaper.

Discover. Our News Subscription Machine Module

Regarding the previous video, Froomle has created a module that will help you increase your subscriptions. This module will make you increase revenue from subscriptions and turn your newsroom into a subscription machine. How? Showing to your non-paying readers premium articles that will convice them to subscribe.

See Module
Episode 7. Why is news personalization not working

In the last episode of the series, we put into consideration the possible reason why news personalization isn't working. A big part of the problem is the high expectations of the tech giants, who are personalizing to such a high level. In order to overcome this issue, we recommend you apply the advice that Anton mentions in this video.


Learn more

To continue your news personalization training, we recommend you to watch two of our news personalization podcasts with some of the news experts. In addition, our case study with Mediahuis will provide you some insights about their experience working with Froomle.

Podcast. How Amedia approaches digitization

Pål Nedregotten is the Executive & Vice President of Amedia. We had the pleasure to share this interview where we talked about longevity in the news industry and how to sustain it along all these years.

Podcast. How Ring Publishing uses automation and personalization

Jerzy Gulczyński, is Ring Publishing’s Director at Ringier Axel Springer Polska. In this podcast, Jerzy shares how they implement automation in their distribution processes, maintaining the role of the editors. On the other hand, they go deep into the topic of the pandemic and how it affected the news industry, changing the consumer behaviors.

Podcast. How Schibsted personalizes news and wins against the filter bubble

Ludwig Krokstedt, in this episode, shares how they implement personalization, approach segmentation, and tackle the filter bubble challenge. Koen and Ludwig dive deeper into the topic of how to succeed giving diverse and relevant articles to the readers. Schibsted is an international media house, leading the Scandinavian news media, marketplaces, and technology ventures.

Podcast. How Mediahuis makes the difference by increasing relevance

Watch our CEO, Koen Verstrepen, talk to Pieter De Smet from Mediahuis about how they are making a difference by increasing relevance.

Case study. Mediahuis transforms the readers' experience with personalization

In this case study, learn how Mediahuis is using a self-learning recommendation engine to increase reader loyalty, deliver a better news reading experience and build relevance at scale.

More than 50% CTR increase, also improving also more fundamental metrics

Thanks to the Froomle AI we are able to boost the relevance of our customer experience by means of automatic personalization. This not only lifts click-through-rates up to 50% but also more fundamental metrics.

The Froomle AI is fast, reliable and able to handle any spike in traffic. It is a pleasure to work together with Froomle. They cooperate on the end-result as a partner, take ownership and they are always quick to act upon our requests.



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