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News Personalization Training Overview

When it comes to personalization, often newspapers are advised to look up to tech giants such as Spotify, Netflix or Amazon. However, there are many reasons why the news industry has challenges to implement personalization.

In this series, you will learn the main 5 reasons why news personalization is more difficult than other industries. You will also discover the best way to increase your subscriptions and how to make your news personalization be on point.

Model changing events: The Concept of Trendingness

How do you navigate through the list of new articles being published every day? In news, every day is different. Thomas Steisel explains to you how model changing events work in the news industry and what you can do to deal with them.


The Challenge of
Real-Time News Recommendations

News can last minutes! Even the best articles become irrelevant after a few hours. Learn how to show relevant content to your reader at the right time.

How to win against the Filter Bubble when personalizing news?

Even though you might love to read about the Champions League, you won't like to have your newsfeed full of articles about football players. You need to take care of the diversity of your content. Discover the two main techniques to achieve that diversity.


Human & AI: The Concept of Hybrid Personalization

The first question you should ask to yourself when implementing personalization is: Do you want to apply pure personalization or hybrid personalization? Find our the answer in this video.

Impression Discounting - learn from user behaviour

Don't you get the same article over and over on your homepage? Using the right techniques, that does not need to be the normal. Learn which algorithms you need to implement to end up the article repetition.


How to increase subscriptions

Are you trying to increase your subscriptions? Thanks to a Subscription Machine Module this can be easier. This module will make you increase revenue from subscriptions and turn your newsroom into a subscription machine.

More than 50% CTR increase, also improving also more fundamental metrics

Thanks to the Froomle AI we are able to boost the relevance of our customer experience by means of automatic personalization. This not only lifts click-through-rates up to 50% but also more fundamental metrics.

The Froomle AI is fast, reliable and able to handle any spike in traffic. It is a pleasure to work together with Froomle. They cooperate on the end-result as a partner, take ownership and they are always quick to act upon our requests.


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