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eCommerce Personalization Training Overview

In the current eCommerce landscape, personalization has come to be expected to some degree as more people are shifting their behaviors to shop through digital channels. For an eCommerce business figuring out how to start the digital journey or where your strategy should go next can be an overwhelming task.

In this series of 8 episodes, you will learn diverse topics related to eCommerce. At the end of this training, you will have all the knowledge you need to improve your personalization strategy or to start implementing recommender systems.

5 key trends in eCommerce personalization

Be ahead of your competition when it comes to maximizing the increase in online traffic. Amelia will break down 5 of the latest key trends in the eCommerce landscape.


Consumer behavior to keep top of mind in 2021

For eCommerce, the shift of consumers to digital platforms was out of necessity, but different behaviors have been created or modified out of this necessity. Learn which trends you should consider in your next online strategy.

How to engage your brand ambassadors

A strong community goes beyond just social media but manage to foster feelings of inclusion and the urge to live the brand’s core beliefs. Understand how companies like Lululemon built its successful community.


Connect your customers with your brand

Personalization is a critical pillar of retention marketing as it makes the customer feel valued. Follow these 3 steps to give your customers a personalized experience.

Personalize your loyalty program in 2 steps

Relying solely on discounts won’t be enough to stand up to massive competitors like Amazon. Discover the type of loyalty program that you need to stand out from your peers!


5 strategies to personalize emails and push notifications

Personalized communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent. Learn how to do it right!

The future of chatbots

Did you ever questioned who are "Brian" or "Stacey". They are called chatbots. The chatbot is one of the most advanced methods of interaction between humans and machines.


Why you should invest in innovation

Agility and innovation have been buzzwords in almost everyone's digital strategy in the last few years. This pandemic has changed priorities for everyone, from consumers to brands.

Conversion 20X higher than other channels

The recommendations of the Froomle are receiving (average) more than 4 stars from our users, which is very high compared to our other recommendations. Mr. More's conversion is 20 times higher than other digital channels. The recommendations of the Froomle Engine are a very important factor in this success.

It is also nice to work together with Froomle, they think at a strategic level and how it translates best at an operational level. They are very involved, take ownership and make every effort to make integrations as smooth as possible


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