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Our aim is to set a higher standard of personalization. We are inspired by real customers who found a little more joy in their browsing with Froomle recommendations.

Who are we?

In our lab-like environment – we are a team of skilled people. Professors, Ph.D.’s and data scientists working hard to deliver the most advanced technology to our clients. As an open platform, the recommender engine is always being improved upon through continued research and development. Learn more about the research, by exploring some of our published research papers.

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Can you rally behind...

…a team that embodies 4 key values that has together brought repeated success and growth.

Cultivating positivity

Do you strongly believe in the philosophy that, happy employees lead to happy customers? Holding this value to our core, we have developed an environment where opinions are shared, feelings respected and well-being matters. Everyday, we set to brighten someone’s day.

Exploring curiosity

Are you an explorer, constantly striving to push new boundaries, explore new depths and find new ways to improve how we approach our work? We believe that to grow, we need to always ask ourselves, ‘how can it be better?’

Standing resolute in ambition

Are you someone who radiates ambition? We want to conquer the world, #whynot? and we deem it a necessity for us to grow as much as we want. Our ambition is what enables us to proactively push for high-quality results and success.

Taking ownership

Do you think you can join a team of talented individuals that take ownership of their role at Froomle? Our team is invested in the success of Froomle, by taking ownership of their role, goals, responsibilities and results.

We go the extra mile for you...


Flexible working hours, remote working, or working in different places? Our office in Fosbury & Sons offers you plenty of options – even a bed, for a short power-nap.

Lifelong Learning

We’ll support you as you boost your career with lifelong learning for both your personal and professional life.

Easy to Reach

No matter how you reach us, we have the right transport solution for you: company car, public transport allowance or bike sharing service.

More Holidays

There’s nothing better than a good holiday, it’s just a shame they’re over so quickly. That’s why we give every Froomler 12 extra holiday days each year.

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