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Froomle makes smarter fitting rooms for JBC

Appeared in Data news KnackJBC test digitale paskamer
Appeared in De Tijd & L’Echo: Editie 06/07/2017

Antwerp, July 4th, 2017 –

Thanks to Froomle’s machine learning technology, JBC can offer her clients a personalized service that you normally only experience in small-scale boutiques. The smart fitting room launched last week.

“The goal of this service is to help our customers by finding the right outfit that is the perfect match for them.The smart fitting room does not only look for the best fit but also helps to inspire our customers for other outfit ideas, “says Lode Van Laere, Chief Omnichannel Officer at JBC.

JBC Merksem and Lochristi are the first stores in Belgium to test the application. Customers can still test the smart fitting room for free in these two JBC stores all summer long.

Froomle’s technology is something you can compare to the service of a salesperson in a boutique: He knows your personal taste because he knows what kind of pieces you bought in the past. Because of this knowledge he can select the right pieces from the new collection and recommend them to you.

Internet companies like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon were the first to successfully apply this principle using internally engineered machine learning technology. This technology enables the computer to learn himself which products he has to combine to automatically analyze the consumption behavior of anonymous users. “Big internet companies are receiving huge benefits from machine learning, Froomle ensures that this technology is also accessible to all other companies.” Says Koen Verstrepen, CEO of Froomle.

Previously, Froomle’s machine learning technology was also integrated into JBC’s website. “It was evident to apply our technology in an online environment. What is innovative in this project is the actual application in a physical fitting room. This shows that JBC is a precursor worldwide when it comes to digital retail. ” Dr. Bart Goethals, Chief Science Officer of Froomle.

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