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Froomle develops machine learning bot for Telenet

Telenet customers can meet ‘Mr More’ in the next three months during a new test project.
‘Mr More’ is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that offers suggestions, throughout Telenet’s wide Play More, based on questions and answers .

Froomle developed the self-learning recommendation engine that is the foundation of ‘Mr More’. Customers can chat on Facebook Messenger with the application, which is based on Froomle’s machine learning technology. Based on specific questions answered by the customer, ‘Mr. More’ directs the customer to the best suggestions. It is the first time in history that a Belgian company uses a messenger bot, based on machine learning technology, as a guide function in an entertainment catalog.
Mr. More will be available on December 14th as a trial version for Telenet customers.
The customers can use the ‘messenger bot’ on iOs and Android for three months.

Froomle, a spin-off of the University of Antwerp, believes that user experiences should be much smarter and more relevant than it is today. Froomle’s machine learning software enables consumer-focused companies to make their user experiences smart and relevant based on historical interaction data.

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